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Press Coverage 

Penn GSE News (6/25/2020): A Generational Challenge: State Postsecondary Education Policies to Support Economic Recovery and Individual Opportunity

Inside Higher Education (8/13/18): Needed: A Public/Private Compact for Higher Education.

The Journal Times (1/22/18): Parkside working to meet new metrics in outcomes-based funding model

The Times Higher Education (1/8/18): US proposals ‘could shut poorest students out of universities’

Philadelphia Inquirer (12/8/17): Local Colleges Blast GOP Endowment Tax Proposal

The Times Higher Education (11/20/17):  US tax proposals show support for higher education ‘may be over’

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/17/17): Chancellor of Pa. State System announces retirement  

The Philadelphia Inquirer (7/14/17): School report draws criticism, praise  

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (7/12/17):Report urges overhaul of troubled State System universities  

New York Times (6/22/16): College Unaffordable Even in Higher Income Brackets.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (6/11/17): Financial pressures on Pa.’s state university system could force an historic restructuring  

The Chronicle of Higher Education (10/26/16): In Pennsylvania, the Strike Is Over, but the Challenges Remain  

(6/23/16) Advice for presidents, success at MSIs, at New York Times forum

[VIDEO] On the Agenda: (6/21/16) The Next President's Education Policy

(1/11/15) GSE's Joni Finney comments on President Obama's Proposal for free community college education for all

(12/19/14) Podcast on The Academic Minute with Joni Finney commenting on new research findings on college completion

Currents Magazine (Fall, 2014): Talking Points: State of Attainment (30 days only!)

The Penn GSE Alumni Magazine (Fall, 2014): Can American Higher Education Make the Grade?

U.S. News & World Report (11/19/14): UC System to Hike Tuition After 3-Year Freeze

The EvoLLLution (10/9/14): Culture and Past Success Blocking Efficiency-Minded Changes

Philadelphia Magazine (9/4/14)Which Philadelphia Colleges Will Survive?

SF Gate (8/21/14): California must revise Master Plan for Higher Education

The EvoLLLution (8/8/14): Turning the Focus from Enrollment to Retention

Business Officer Magazine (8/1/14): Funding Outcomes

Inside Higher Ed (8/1/14): The 31 Million NonDegreed

InsideSources (7/27/14): Why State Leadership Matters for Improving Access to Higher Education

The Main Public Broadcasting Network (3/26/14): Maine Lawmaker Proposes to Temporarily Halt UMaine System Cuts

Newsworks New Jersey (4/19/12): Two unbiased views: Still don't like the Rutgers-Rowan merger

Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane (WHYY) (2/16/12): College cuts: Pennsylvania's higher ed on the chopping block

Inside Higher Ed (2/2/12): No Money Down!