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International Case Studies

IRHE has been invited to conduct international reviews of higher education performance. These results and recommendations were presented to the respective country’s Ministry of Education.  Graduate students and international experts participated in these reviews.


The study of Ireland, directed by Finney with co-instructor Laura Perna, led a cohort of  executive doctoral students in the summer of 2012 to examine how well Ireland performed in higher education in terms of preparing students for postsecondary education, their participation and completion in higher education as well as how Ireland performed in research competitiveness.  

IRHE published a report on the Ireland project and an article in Change: The Magazine for Higher Learning. 


Éire Higher Education: What America Can Learn from Ireland

Executive Doctoral Students Visit Dublin City University, July 2012


At the request of the Minister of Education in Kazakhstan, Finney was asked to develop an international team to review performance in higher education and make recommendations to the Minister of Education in Kazakhstan about steps that could be taken in the near future that would support reform.  The project, “Roadmap for the Delvelopment of Reform in Education” resulted in a national report and presentation to the Prime Minister and Minister of Education in Kazakhstan.


RoadMap for the Development of Education in Kazakhstan